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Care & Control::

Chasing Illusions::




Media Studies project.

Compiling elements:

Commercial Cinema from Hollywood


-Cast list from IMDb

-The requirement of working as a double from casting notice

-The direction to hide doubles

-Newspaper relates to doubles


Critical engagement

Hello world !

In filmmaking, a body double is a person who substitutes a scene for the actors without showing his/her face. In my video work “Hello, world”, I revealed the doubles hidden by the commercial cinema industry through compiling the footages of films, the movie trailer and the text of regulations.


As one of the products of consumerism-led society, the films of Hollywood repeatedly sell only the perfect images which the society is longing for. Doubles stem from the need for perfection but are purposely hidden by cinemas; their labour is also excluded from the audience’s perception. As a result, the value of doubles is created when the audience has no knowledge that these people are involved. Are we gradually addicted to these illusions which make us wipe out the existence of doubles intentionally? In other words, does society choose to see selectively and let the wonderful images represent reality? The cinema and audience tend to work back and forth as the controllers to hide doubles. Do we decide who and how they are allowed to be people? In this video, certain doubles are exposed through footages and accompanied by the regulations which from the perspective of the public to respond to the willingness of the society.  

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